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The Sustainability Task Force has been working diligently to provide you all with an awesome line-up of events for Green Week 2017!

Monday, October 30th

Sustainable Business
Come discover which businesses are sustainable and how we can encourage others to be more sustainable with our buying power. Presenter: Shawna Freeman, Business Faculty, Highline College
When/Where: HSU Mt. Constance Room @ 12:15pm-1:20pm

Tuesday, October 31st

Biodiversity Conservation Down South: Saving Alabama, the Aquatic State
The Alabama lacks the gorgeous deserts, tall mountains, and rocky coastlines of Washington, but it's still home to more species than Washington, ranking fifth in the nation for biodiversity. Its gorgeous landscapes teem with species whose stories are enthralling. But like Washington, Alabama's native species face serious threats that also endanger the culture and economy of people who live there. Come learn about southeastern biodiversity and a state that should be on your ecotourism bucket list. Presenter: Scot Duncan, Biology Faculty, Birmingham- Southern College
When/Where: HSU Mt. Constance Room @ 11:00am-12:05pm

Bite of Sustainability (Staff and Faculty event)
Did Come get a taste for what sustainability currently looks like on our campus. HSU Mt Skokomish Room Please join us for this faculty and staff discussion about what we are currently doing on campus to develop a sustainable future in partnership with our community. We will sample our future on small plates as we learn about what is happening nationally, locally and on our own campus. We will then open a discussion about what is possible. Organizer: Rick Shultz, Achieve Faculty, Highline College
When/Where: HSU Mt. Constance @12:10pm-1:00pm

Wednesday November 1st

Light Rail and the Environment: Heading to Federal Way
Light rail transit is inherently beneficial to the environment. But building and operating it can have environmental impacts as well. This presentation will describe some of the key environmental impacts and mitigation measures of building light rail transit, highlighting the Federal Way Link Extension which will serve Highline College when it opens in 2024. Presenter: Kent Hale, Sound Transit Environmental Planning Manager
When/Where: Buidling 7 Auditorium @10:00am-10:50am

Toxics in the Home
Come learn about the toxics in our personal care products and healthy alternatives you can use instead. Presenter: Woody Moses, Life Sciences Faculty, Highline College
When/Where: Building 2 @11:00am-12:05pm

Thursday November 2nd

Campus Clean Up
Dress for the weather, we’ll be cleaning up around Highline College rain or shine! Organizer: Rhiannon Hillman, English Faculty Highline College
When/Where: Meet between building 7 and 8 @ 9:00-9:50 a.m, 10:00-10:50am, OR 12:15-1:20pm