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Sustainability Task Force


The Sustainability Task Force (STF) is a self-initiated group of faculty and staff dedicated to developing a strategy for a culture of sustainability at Highline College. 


Highline College Green Week 2018
Oct. 29th thru Nov. 2th 2018



Green Week Schedule:

Green Week 2018: Donna Sandstrom, director of Whale Trail, will present on the governor’s Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery and Task Force. Come learn what’s being done to save our orcas.

Location: Building 7


Green Week 2018: Shawna Freeman will present on sustainable businesses and how to use buying power to encourage sustainability.

Location: Building 7

Green Week 2018: Get your hands dirty and wipe out some pesky weeds. Dress to make a mess.
Contact Woody Moses at to get involved.

Location: Meet outside on the east side of Building 8

Green Week 2018: Gary (Wolf) Lichtenstein will present an abbreviated tour of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Talk. This talk, using Mr. Gore’s incredible slide deck, explains the causes of global warming, the effects of climate change and how we can change to meet this crisis head on.

Location: Building 7

Green Week 2018: Drop by between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. to discover the hidden truth of the chocolate industry, and enjoy some delicious fair-trade chocolate in the spirit of Halloween.
Contact Tracy Brigham at for more information.

Location: Building 8, 2nd floor

Green Week 2018: Come help make a visible difference on the environment of Highline College’s campus, and meet new people doing it!
Contact Rhiannon Hillman at for more information.

Location: Outside on the east side of Building 8

Green Week 2018: Bobby Butler will guide a walking tour of the Urban Agriculture growing spaces on campus. Attendees will learn the basics of starting a food production site as well.

Location: Meet in Campus Garden next to Building 21

Green Week 2018: Students will showcase projects from the past and present. Participants and attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences and how to encourage more sustainable practices in homes and communities.
Contact Rhiannon Hillman at and Shawna Freeman at

Location: Building 8, 1st floor, Mt. Constance

Green Week 2018: University of Washington College of Built Environments professors Rick Mohler and Gregg Colburn will present “Leveraging transit to address housing affordability.” A vision for light rail and transit-station development, including the Kent-Des Moines/Highline College station, as the key to providing both affordable and market rate housing at the scale our housing crisis demands. This presentation will describe that vision and explore why a regional, transit-oriented approach is necessary to sustain equitable housing access in the metro-Puget Sound area.

Location: Building 8, 1st floor, Mt. Constance

Green Week 2018: Woody Moses will present on the endangered Puget Sound orcas, which are threatened by their toxic diet, and why eating salmon isn’t as healthy as you might think.

Location: Building 3, Room 102

Did you know?

A 2009 law allows you to recycle some electronics for free!
Check this website for a location near you!

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